Monday, December 29, 2008

#musesofamom: Height Proclamations for the Record.

This post is simply to go on the record, and my oldest son will be ecstatic. YES, the Oldest is now taller than me. He is only in sixth grade, for crying out loud. To be fair, we measured everyone last night just to see exactly how his height compares to the rest of us:

The Youngest - 4'2"
Me - 5'3"
The Oldest - 5'6-1/4"
The Hubs - 5'7"

Personally, I was relieved to see that I haven't started shrinking yet, but the Hubs was feeling shorter than usual after our measurement activity.  I can still say confidently that my driver's license is truthful. (Except for maybe that "weight" number.) The Oldest wanted to make sure I got that extra 1/4" included. Everything counts at his age!

The Oldest appears to have grown more than 2 inches since school started in August. We had to shop for a long-sleeved dress shirt for choir, and it was the first time for shopping in the Men's Department for one long enough in the sleeve and torso  The short-sleeved t-shirts I purchased new for school are sure looking smaller and we won't even begin to discuss how his shoe size has grown this year!

Height proclamations. Now on the record for anyone to see. Required by Oldest. But also because I hate seeing him grow up so fast.
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