Monday, January 26, 2009

#musesofamom: Did We Entertain an Angel?

It was an interesting dinner that my sons and I had on Friday evening. After the Hubs left home for his evening work shift, the boys and I headed out to complete a couple errands and treat ourselves to dinner. We stopped at Taco Bell (I was outvoted) and while the Youngest and I waited at our table for the Oldest to bring our dinner tray, the lady sitting at the table behind us remarked that I had a nice family. (Was it because that for once, both my boys appeared well behaved and were not bickering with each other?)

Dinner progressed normally. As we got ready to leave, the Youngest and I went to get drink refills. Returning from the soda fountain, I saw the Oldest talking with this same senior citizen who was sitting behind us. As I approached, she immediately smiled and said that she could tell that we were "a Christian family; I can see the peace around you." She appeared quite impressed with my Oldest, and after some more conversation, she asked my permission to pray for him.

It was easy to see that this lady was most sincere; during our conversation she explained that she was waiting to go to a bible study (I saw her bible and study book on her table), and that she found it such a privilege to pray for people. When the Oldest gave his permission, she clasped his right hand tightly in both of hers, and with an obvious gift of discernment, related to the Oldest his strengths and gave a blessing on him for his future.

She was quite accurate as she described his spirit. She stated that he would have a love for people, becoming a great leader like King David because of the love that others will have for him. She encouraged him as a warrior, for he will have to stand up for what is right and make decisions that may not be popular with others.

The Oldest was entranced and deeply touched by this lady's remarks. When she finished, we talked for just a few more moments and then left the restaurant. Once we got into the car, which was parked in front of the restaurant's entrance, the Oldest said that he wanted to finish filling out a comment card he picked up because he wanted to say something nice of the employee who fixed his order. He took just a moment to finish the card and then quickly re-entered the store to put the card in the box by the door. All of this took merely seconds. When he returned, he looked confused.

"Mom, when I went in to return that card, the lady was gone."
"What do you mean, 'gone'?"
"She was gone. All her stuff was gone from the table and it didn't even look like she had been there. I didn't see her leave, did you?"

Because of where we were parked, I probably would have seen her leave her table, and I definitely would have seen her leave. There was no other door of the store where she could have exited.  The Oldest said that the table was empty, it was in fact wiped clean and the chair was pushed in.

We pulled out and circled the building, but we didn't see her. Now, it's entirely possible that she was in the restroom, but if so, this sweet old lady had moved at lightning speed to pack up her things, clean off the table, put her trash in the trash can by the door and move out of sight.

The Oldest spoke about this encounter the rest of the evening. It would have been easy to feign interest in this talkative woman, or to try not to engage her in conversation.  However by doing so, it became a moment the Oldest is likely not to forget.
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