Saturday, September 29, 2012

#musesofamom: Some Things I Should Not Change

You know what? Technology and my iPhone have gotten the better of me and I have given up on them.  Friend, you may be shocked and amazed at my pronouncement, but allow me explain my frustration.


I am a mom, wife, school volunteer, church volunteer, writer, blogger and chauffeur (and not necessarily in those orders on most days!) and therefore I have many things that need and must be kept aligned in order for my life to be lived without disaster.  Or chaos.  Or drama.  At least not in unmanageable quantities.

Lately the whole "syncing calendars between devices" has just about driven me over keyboard (hence, the drama and chaos that I hoped to avoid).  In the old days, all my entries were logged in the Outlook calendar on my PC.  I set my reminders and events so that when I checked email -- poof!  There were my reminders. Then the iPhone entered my world and I discovered the Cozi app. Genius! My Outlook calendar could sync to the online Cozi calendar, which in turn showed up on my iPhone app.  Hooray! I could also add my to-do list, grocery list and meal plan, all in Cozi from my PC or phone. I could even add calendar reminders from Evite to Outlook and sync it all.  Brilliant!

Confession: I hate typing on my IPhone. Texting is useful (love shortcuts) but typing entries quickly on a calendar app was not an easy or enjoyable process for me. Try making your next appointment at the doctor while whipping out your iPhone, loading the app, scrolling to the appointment date, opening it, typing info on three screens with fumbling fingers, all while the receptionist has efficiently entered the information on her PC and is waiting for you to finish (with that "look") so that she can move on to the next person. I manage, but later I would always retype and fix entries on the online calendar when on my PC. I am a perfectionist that way.

This spring I got the iPad 3. Joy of joys! I love my iPad. Instead of my 17" laptop, it is much more cozy to cuddle with an iPad in bed while reading a book through the Kindle app. Or playing Solitaire.

Of course I downloaded the free Cozi app. I could now input items on my iPad instead of the PC, along with the to-do list, grocery list and meal plan (that I had yet to use). Forgotten was the Outlook calendar. Cozi with the iPhone and iPad were my scheduling world.

Drama and chaos ensue. All the birthdays and other yearly events on my PC calendar did not resync to my Cozi calendar at the beginning of this year. Cozi reminders would only text once on my phone. Monster fingers made entries look like a foreign language. Things were forgotten. After a half-hearted attempt to retype all the data on the iCalendar already provided on the iPhone and iPad, I began to feel like a deer in headlights.  Hit. Me. Now.

I must clarify that Cozi is NOT a bad app.  It's actually quite easy to use, convenient, and I am confident that it works precisely how Type A personalities would like it to work.  For non-Type A people (ahem), a calendar can't be made difficult to handle. Multitudes of tasks I can handle and delegate; just don't make it another task to keep it all straight.

Back to today. And the 90s. I am going back to the handy dandy datebook, my friends! Not the fancy Daytimer -- goodness knows that I wouldn't manage those lists and colors and cross referencing. I'm much too phlegmatic for that. THIS is the solution, arriving during Back to School shopping. Right. On. "Target".

So far, it has been a great success.  I am taking one month at a time, and it's all getting in there. Plus it fits nicely in any size purse. Confession: I never used those to-do lists, grocery lists and meal plans anyway.  Post-its are perfect for lists. Who knows -- I may just go crazy and use different color ink pens for my entries.

Some things should not be changed. Just sayin'.  
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