Friday, January 04, 2013

#musesofamom: How I Found FREE E-books

Since I love to read, my library is starting to overflow.  Once a year I usually purge and take more current titles (still in pristine condition - usually my fiction books) to the library for donation.

Last year I got an iPad 3 and I have gotten hooked on it's convenience. During my flurry of app downloading, I found the free Kindle app, but didn't think I would really use it since I definitely like to kick it  "old school" when it comes to reading:  I want to hold, feel, smell and experience the book in the literal, not digital sense.

That has changed.

It all began when starting an investigation at to see if I would be lucky to find some interesting e-books for free in order to experiment with the Kindle app. (And I absolutely love a bargain!) Did you know you can find a listing of 100 FREE Kindle e-books?  Yep.  Go HERE.  It's updated daily.  You can also find lists of Kindle e-books for $3.99 or less, and you can search for e-books by category.  

Have a Nook?  You can find great e-book bargains HERE.

Since then, I have come across these excellent resources I can recommend for finding e-books for free (or nearly free).  Click on the name to go to their website.  

Gospel e-books  (Kindle e-books only)
Book Bub (Kindle e-books only)
eReaderGirl (Kindle, Nook; PDF)
David C Cook Publishers - (Kindle, Nook, Google Play, iBook and more)

There are surely more out there, but these sites promote what is current in Spiritual Growth, Inspirational Fiction, and Marriage/Family books.  

Although I do not own a Nook, I did find that Barnes and Noble's The Nook Blog promotes free e-books on Fridays.  

Be sure to follow any available Twitter feeds of free e-book promoters (my first three recommendations are all on Twitter).  It is important to remember that most promoted e-books are only free for that specific day, so if you click on a link the following day, don't assume that the book is still free.  Look for a $0.00 price before clicking through to the check out.  

The great thing about Kindle e-books, even free e-books, is that once you buy, you own them for life.  You can also use them across any device that is associated with your account.  For instance, I have the iPad, but my hubby purchased a Kindle Fire for himself.  We use the same account, so any books I may have "purchased" for free through our account are accessible for his Kindle, and vice versa.  

If you don't have a smart phone, tablet or a Kindle/Nook, no worries!  There are apps for your computer too. Both Nook and Kindle have apps for your computer, and with Google Play, you can read on the Web.  

Some choices for my 2013 reading list will be free e-books that I downloaded in the last couple months.  While I still like to have that actual book in my hand, the digital option is catching on with me quickly!   Knowing that I can download a book and read it at my leisure without ever "unowning" it, plus still have the ability to highlight different quotes and passages, has become more appealing.

Especially with our tough economy, it can be hard to keep up with a reading habit!  I hope that these e-book hints will help you increase your reading for this year.

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