Tuesday, July 01, 2014

#Prayertag: Praying for Each Other

Girlfriends ... Today is the start of a new month, and on my Facebook page, Muses of a Mom, I want to do something encouraging, powerful and earth-shaking in the lives of others: PRAYER! 

This is where I Need YOU:

For the month of July, let's pray for each other who need the power of prayer. There isn't even a need to share her story; we can still pray for blessing, favor, and healing over that person! Do you know someone who needs prayer? Someone who needs to be encouraged and uplifted?  Message me through the Facebook page their Facebook name, and I will add them to my list for posting. 

Every day this month, I will #prayertag someone on the Facebook page for all other girlfriends to pray for her. It would be especially great to comment on the Facebook post when you have prayed, so our girl can see women across the continent (or the world!) who have prayed for them! 

ALSO - would you please:  (1) INVITE all the prayer warriors you know to the Muses of a Mom Facebook group, so there is an amazing list of ladies who can pray and encourage each other? (They do not have to be a mom to be a part of this group.)  (2) COPY and SHARE the meme above on your social media pages in order to spread the word?

Finally -- share answers to prayer!  What a blessing and honor to our Savior to share what He has done for our Girlfriends!

Let's do this!
Go to 
http://www.Facebook.com/musesofamomblog to start!
Thank you for helping make this project miraculous!!
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