Monday, September 19, 2016

Many praise Nehemiah in the bible for being an inspiring leader because he had the chutzpah for asking the king of Persia to send him to Jerusalem, a city besieged and destroyed earlier by the Babylonians, to rebuild.  While Nehemiah did lead the way with the rebuilding of the city, it was his broken heart over what was happening in his ancestral home that paved the way to his eventual leadership.  

When hearing the news, he wept, he prayed, he fasted for four long months until the opportunity arose when he could tell the king what was on his heart. Nehemiah probably had no idea at the time of hearing this news report that he would be the one who would actually go and supervise the rebuilding.  However, after four months of seeking God, it was no doubt revealed to him what he needed to do, and he was going to rely on God to help him with this new responsibility.

While we often think that true leaders are those with extensive education, a vast network and strong communication skills, that is not always the case.  Nehemiah was a servant in the king's household, a cupbearer. He was not someone who fit the typical description of a leader.    

You may feel that being a young student, "just a mom" or simply a low level employee in a corporation isn't good enough, or in any way an opportunity to make a difference in this crazy world.  But there you are wrong, Sweet Friend. Just think of all the accomplishments by people with the same education (or less) than you. Or less money.  Or having no resources or status. "Many naturally gifted leaders exist, but those who lead out of a sheer necessity have a zeal that can't be quenched ... we can't underestimate the power that pours forth from a broken heart."*

You may not have more abilities than someone else, but if there is something that is pounding on your heart, a strong desire to make something happen or to help others, let it drive you. Approach God and share your heart. Allow Him time to work out the details. Then let the adventure begin.

* Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break" by Kelly Minter.

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