Monday, March 04, 2019

Book Review:: Fearless in 21 Days by Sarah E. Ball

This book has been on my “to read” list since it was released, so I was glad for the opportunity to review it through NetGalley.  It was the title that intrigued me before ever learning the details of what the book was about. 

It is so refreshing to see more articles and books written on anxiety and depression from a Christian point of view.  Even in the church community, there is such a stigma to these mental illnesses, which becomes a secret and a hidden shame, creating a protective barrier, separating even trusted friends and family. 

Sarah is very transparent in this book about her battle with severe anxiety and the medical, physical and spiritual ways in which she has overcome the worst of it.  There is no sugar-coating in her unfolding of how her anxiety issues morphed into poor health, panic attacks, and the fear that she was literally going crazy. 

The book is set up in 21 chapters, one chapter each day for 21 days.  Each day/chapter she approaches all the aspects of anxiety – what it is, why it happens, and how to face it, along with learning how to find rest, joy and discipline in the journey toward health.  She does encourage the reader to seek medical help and professional counseling. 

While reading this book, it’s evident that the author “gets you” and is all about assisting the reader through the same exhausting journey that she has walked through with victory.  Written from the Christian point of view, it gives the reader even more hope of healing as each of the author’s successes are referenced back to what she learned in Scripture along the way. 

Especially helpful is a chapter that is written directly to a friend or family member who is walking through this storm with the one suffering from the illness of anxiety or depression.  A sufferer cannot explain what they are going through, and as with depression, may often not even realize that they are having an episode of illness.  This chapter gives good reference on what to look for, what steps to take and especially, what not to do or say.

While my issues don’t include such severe anxiety, this book is still beneficial to those who also may be struggling with depression or other areas of mental bondage. 

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