Book Review: It's Good to Be Queen by Liz Curtis Higgs

September 10, 2015
In my bookcase are books from many authors, but there is a handful of one author who I truly adore and will buy their newest nonfiction title as soon as it's released. Liz Curtis Higgs is definitely one of those writers.  One day I hope to meet her because she is so authentic in her books, she's a great rapper (see video at the bottom of this post) and I can totally relate to her. (Besides the fact that she would be a super FUN girlfriend!)

(Note: I did get to meet Liz at an event at my church (LifeAustin) called "Two Ladies Laughing" with comedian Anita Renfroe in December 2018. Side-splitting comedy and rich bible study - a totally enjoyable evening! A photo from the evening below.)

"It's Good to Be Queen" is another one of her non-fiction, historical books that relate God-given wisdom through a biblical character. This time Liz brings to life the account of the Queen of Sheba, who was on a quest of wisdom during a visit with King Solomon.

Liz takes the account in I Kings 10:1-13 and gives ten different applications of how we can use this story of the Queen of Sheba in our own lives. She takes each verse and breaks it down into smaller pieces to digest and study, and adds her own special interpretation through a first-person account from "Sheba" herself.

Liz Curtis Higgs with Anita Renfroe, of the
 "Two Ladies Laughing Tour" at Life Austin, December 2018
This book would be an excellent choice for a book club or bible study; there are discussion questions and a full study guide in the back of the book.

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