The Real Scoop on Essential Oils: It's Not Necessarily From Your Favorite Blogger

In the past couple of years, I have read numerous reviews and testimonials by bloggers, in addition to hearing many sales pitches, on essential oils.

And I believed all of it.

I believed that essential oils are well, essential.  To healthier living.

Since changing our entire way of eating at the beginning of 2016, my husband and I have each lost about 25 pounds, and we are still maintaining a good diet, along with regular exercise.  We tweaked our eating patterns various times in the last year to get to a point where we know what foods work best, and which ones we need to avoid.

Recently, a sweet friend told me about her success with essential oils. (In fact, she became so impressed that she joined the company.)  Her enthusiasm encouraged me to once again spend some quality time learning more about essential oils, to see if this is something that we could add to our health regimen.

As a result of my friend's information and reading through two published books, I experimented with a small variety of oils in my newly purchased diffuser.  While the scents were wonderful, I didn't necessarily feel all the benefits that many essential oil users claimed to have.

From the books that I read, the authors related their experiences with essential oils that were good, compelling and interesting.  But that's mainly what it was -- their own personal experiences.  The authors gave their insights based on nothing other than what worked for them and repeating what they learned from other users, or from the companies that they associate with as representatives. 

Then I came upon this book.

"The Healing Power of Essential Oils", in my opinion, is the go-to handbook for essential oil use.  As a medical writer, the author has analyzed documented research and elicited doctors to provide information that is useful to the reader.

This isn't a medical tome, but easy to read information; not only on the recent essential oil phenomenon, but on different oils and their uses, recipes, and quick-start guides to get you going on essential oils immediately.

He also provides videos and more information on his website: 

The most rememberable statement from the book is that essential oils don't necessarily give the same results for every person.  It takes experimenting to find what works best.

Encouraged, I purchased a couple new oils and I'm off to once again experiment with that diffuser.

You can purchase this book from Amazon.

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