How Should We Observe Earth Day?

April 22, 2020
Today is Earth Day, celebrated worldwide. It is in fact, the 50th anniversary of the event.

With the global pandemic, it is a series of digital events this year. No tree planting gatherings, recycling events or programs at school.

On their website, they are planning a "global conversation" about climate action this year. If you want more information, plug into Earth Day 2020 or watch their live event.

In our family and homeschool, we do not get involved in the current Earth Day movement. (You can read more about that is this previous post.) We do believe in being good stewards of the earth's resources that we have been given and do our best to act on that daily. But we aren't perfect.

My oldest son, finishing his senior year in college, really razzed me the other day when I grabbed a large plastic straw to drink my homemade smoothie. (By the way, we are always teasing each other mercilessly!) When I asked him what he would suggest instead, he said that fellow Millenials want people to buy one of the alternatives, like aluminum


I questioned him in return. "So if you order lunch in a fast-food restaurant, and you decline a plastic straw, but leave the restaurant with a drink in a styrofoam cup with a plastic lid, paper wrapping on your sandwich that you carry in a paper bag, which is the greater sin?"

We laughed because everyone has their own particular environmental cause, yet we are not at the point where we can all be ecologically perfect.

Cue the doorbell as we received our Amazon order in a cardboard box. 

We are all stewardship sinners of cardboard, paper, and plastic.

Recycling is a part of our everyday life for our family. 

Another area where I believe we have lost good stewardship of our land resources is by genetically modifying foods for our consumption, expressly corn and wheat. The reason? Chemicals. Another reason? Chemicals.

Our bodies are not created to naturally digest and "recycle" these modified foods.

A book that explains this problem is "Wheat Belly" by William Davis M.D.  There was so much good reading in this library book that in the end, I purchased the paperback for my library. It is a resource I will want to refer to again and again.

For more information on this book, click the photo to read more.
In the book, Davis explains why the wheat of today is unhealthy and unnutritious for our bodies. Wheat's toxicity is the reason we have a large obesity rate in our country and the world. What we make bread with, even the whole wheat flour, is still not good food. It isn't completely natural or whole food. We can't digest it properly.

Using many sources of research, he explains that the wheat is not the wheat of ancient times, which was prevalent up to 100 years ago, and even 60-70 years ago. It is when we started messing with the makeup of wheat that we created a food source that will haunt us in years to come by illnesses such as diabetes. As a result of his research, Davis recommends a wheat-free diet. (He provides some good recipes at the end of the book to help start a wheat-free diet.)

Many of us see Earth Day and the environment differently.  Do we worry about climate or do we focus on going as green as possible?  Is genetically modifying our earth's resources a cause that is just as important as focusing on climate change?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Yes, yes and yes! We mess with our food means we mess with our health and lives! I wish more people would recognize this. Thanks for sharing! (And recycling, reusing, using alternatives, even a little, is better than none. Another wish: that people see the power of the small step instead of focusing on the huge global challenge to solve. We are ALL the solution when we do our small step of using the aluminum straw or refusing a plastic bag or eating whole grains.). Again, thanks!!!!

  2. I'm always recycling, reusing and repurposing just about everything. Lia even puts the recycling items in the bins in the garage. I have a seedling tree coming in the and mail and will plant it when it arrives


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