Do You Consider Yourself a "Creative?" Here's Some Advice.

Who is considered a creative?

cre·a·tive (krē-ā′tĭv)
1. Having the ability or power to create
2. Productive; creating
3. Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative
1. One who displays productive originality; typically in a professional context

In the business world, creatives are usually considered people who are in careers such as commercial art, marketing, advertising, or writing.   

Though that may be the popular definition, in my opinion, a creative is also someone who is doing just that: creating. It can certainly be personal art, writing, crafting, blogging, whether you are in business with these interests or not. 

I see myself in this second category since my blogging and writing are a major part of my artistic output. But I also love to create with ink, paper, and vinyl. 


Your writing may be your creative outlet too. 

Whether personally or professionally, we are often working alone in creative vocations or pursuits. We may often feel alone or stuck and not know where to go or what to start next. 

In his colorful little book, “Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives,Adam J. Kurtz offers cheeky, humorous yet honest inspiration “from one creative to another.” Perfect for the personal or professional creative, the entire book is full of bite-sized nuggets of inspiration.

On procrastination, Kurtz says, “Turn your procrastinating into planning.”

If you struggle with starting a new project or idea (in my case, a new blog post), figure out what your steps need to be (i.e., research, finding photos, links, etc.). Next, take those steps and put them in manageable chunks. Voila – you have actually made use of your procrastination!  

On competition and whether we think that it is healthy and beneficial to our work, Kurtz simply says: Stop it. We are not in competition with everybody else. Each person’s efforts is specific and unique to them, and that needs to be embraced.

I frequently compare myself to other bloggers when there isn’t much traffic or reaction to my posts. However, it is essential that when “you love and find power in your own voice, it can be terrifying to share it. Trust that you are the exact thing that someone needs.”

From staying sane when working from home, starting over, and how to best work with family and friends, Kurtz covers many topics that will help any creative take their next step in creating and presenting their work.  

If you are a blogger, where are you on your creative journey right now?  Are you frustrated with planning? Do you believe that every step you take in your blogging is moving forward?  Are you labeling yourself or feel as though the competition is too big in the blogging world for anyone to hear your voice?

I’m with you, my friend!  Share any comments below to keep the conversation going!


  1. Happy Saturday morning to you Angie...!

    Finding your creative self, love it!!! I definitely consider myself a creator. As you have seen from previous posts, I too am a paper crafter. That is one of my ' happy places'. Over the course of the last year though, that place has been turned upside down with life situations. For the last two months, I have been determined to find me again in that happy place of creativity. It is where I can lose my self and just be while creating beautiful things from nothing.

    When I worked outside of the home, I too was creative in my work. I planned and organized conferences, speaking engagements and other types of events. I enjoyed 'thinking outside of the box" many times. I create from a place of 'thinking outside of the box' in many instances as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi
    YES, YES, YES. I am happiest when I am creative. I have run the gambit I've had a Candle making business, soap making business. Before Covid I was a caterer for many years. Ive picked up watercoloring in the last year. Now I am blogging I think humans need a creative outlet Yes any step forward is good! I find when I start to procrastinate sometimes I just need a new tactic to get the juices flowing. If I am havin gtrouble writing, I will pull out the crayons to work my brain in another way for a bit. I am not organized by nature so my creative process is a bit but I still push forward. As a side note when I was married and the kids were little we homeschooled too !
    Have a great day

  3. I am in the "I dont know what I am doing " mode this month.But I am trying to do the bit at a time creative thing.It works.Great post.

  4. I like this post so much! It is like you are reading my mind! All of us creatives need to stick together. My process is a chaotic but at the end of the day it comes together. Thanks for the book recommendation too.

  5. I'd like to think of myself as creative, but I really don't know if I create as much as I interpret what I see and experience. I take photographs, write a blog, draw, paint, etc. But I see all of that as documenting my world in a variety of ways. I used to see it as crativity, but I'm no longer as sure. Still, really interesting blog post. Definitely made me think.

  6. I love being creative, for over 50 years I've been creating window treatment designs and fabricating them also. I get such a joy out of doing something I love. My blog is creative to me, I never know what I will be creating when I write my stories especially the ones with Lia!


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