Book Review: A Wish for Home - Jo Ann Brown

March 18, 2021

Amish romances have become trendy over the past couple of decades. It seemed to all begin with Beverly Lewis’ book, “The Shunning,” in 1997. (The book was turned into a movie in 2011.) Wanda E. Brunstetter followed, along with Cindy Woodsmall, Amy Clipston, and Tricia Goyer – to name just a few of the authors who have jumped into this genre!

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As more Amish romances were published, they ranged from authentic, faith-based stories to more feel-good romances with happy endings. (Not that there is anything wrong with that!) I enjoyed reading all of the Amish titles by Beverly Lewis and some good ones from other authors.

I haven’t read any Amish fiction for quite a while. Too many authors are in this genre. It’s difficult to wade through numerous titles to find those with good storylines that aren’t watered down. I don’t necessarily want to see more Englischers as main characters either. While Amish romance started as a faith-based genre, some new authors go another direction. Their titles have none of the innocence many readers want in their Amish romance.  

However, this week I read a title that renews my hope in the Amish romance! I previewed a new title by Harlequin from their new Love Inspired series, “A Wish for Home.”by Jo Ann Brown.  I have read other Love Inspired books, but this novel is the first novel in a new, longer-length Love Inspired trade fiction program by Harlequin. There are still relatable faith-based characters and plots with life lessons. However, the series plans to offer “deeper, more emotional character explorations and storylines that are multilayered.” 

In “A Wish for Home,” Lauren Nolt is a successful woman in public relations on her way to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has prepared for some important meetings that, if successful, could mean a promotion for her. Instead of reaching her destination, she has an unexpected detour and learns a shocking secret. And that’s just the first chapter!

There are reunions with family and friends from her Amish past, including Adam, who teased and wronged her when they were teens. However, she soon realizes that God has put her in her old hometown of Bliss Valley for a reason, even if it isn’t clear from the start.

As Lauren deals with the revelation shared by her shunned parents, she relies on her renewed friendship with Adam. This is not the usual “girl-and-boy-hate-each-other-then-realize-they-are-in-love” romance plot. The two main characters reconnect, and their interactions are relatable but not dull.

This book had a couple other storylines that added mystery and other surprising revelations. Overall,  it is a sweet, lovely story of forgiveness that also illustrates how God can redeem things in our lives if we allow Him to.

A Wish For Home” by Jo Ann Brown will be available on March 31. Buy it from Harlequin or your other favorite online book retailer. The next book in the series, “A Promise of Forgiveness,” will release on November 30, 2021. I think I know what’s going to happen, so I will have to add the second book to my TBR list!

Psst! You should know that I received this book free in digital form from Harlequin to read and offer an honest review. And I did. My very own opinions. There are also links to purchase this book from Harlequin; I do not receive any commissions through this link. 


  1. I want to review it! Sounds interesting. Although I have never yet successfully downloaded a NetGalley book. Fail! Anyway, it sounds good. I don't like those hate-to-love stories, anyway. And I watched that movie, I think. Weren't there three? And isn't she the same author of these 2 Christmas movies - oh, I can't think of their names, but they are so good! There's a bookstore in a house in them, LOLOL. Sorry to get off topic. Thx for sharing your thoughts on the book!

  2. I need to get back into reading more and this sounds like a wonderful book! Thanks for sharing your views.

  3. I have read and enjoyed Love Inspired books as well though it has been a while now.. I will maybe restart with this one.. lovely review...

  4. I am a nurse with the Amish as our main clientele. What gentle folks they are.


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