Try These 6 Recipes for Quick, Homemade Comfort Food (Try One This Weekend!)

August 20, 2021
Recipes aren't something I post regularly, but when I make something that is a big hit with my family, it's a reason to share! 

Impress your family by trying my 6 recipes for quick, homemade comfort food you can make this weekend. Simply click on the links to take you to the original post with ingredients and directions. 

Dinner Favorites

Chicken Tortilla Soup is a slow cooker favorite, and with my suggestions, will take only 15 - 20 minutes preparation time. This delicious soup can be simmering in the crockpot while you help your kids with homework. 

For a quick summer dinner, Warm Chicken Pasta Salad is not only pretty but delicious. Don't have a couple of the ingredients? It's easy to switch out ingredients to get success.  

Cookies for Everyone

Oatmeal Plus Cookies was a recipe I tweaked when we were house-bound during COVID_19 last year.  It was a good excuse to use up some of the excess oatmeal on our pantry shelf. 

A more recent recipe was this Low-Calorie Sugar Cookie, where I substituted regular sugar with a Truvia blend sugar. It turned out pretty well, but my next try will be to keep it traditional, without the chocolate chips. 

Breakfast Treats

Another successful recipe while sheltering at home last year was Whole Wheat Blueberry Apple Breakfast Muffins. They aren't overly sweet and a nice breakfast treat. They don't stay around long at my house! 

Hands down, this recipe for Healthier Zucchini Bread is my all-time favorite quick bread.  Two scrumptious loaves are made from this recipe -- one for now and one to freeze for later. Okay, both for now. Try this one for sure -- you won't regret it!

Bonus: One For Later

Lastly, I'm adding my recipes for Homemade Spice Blends: Seasoning Salt, Taco Seasoning, and Italian Seasoning. Making my own blends was the result of noticing that many store-bought seasonings had sugar. There is enough sugar in my life, thank you. 

Do you have a favorite recipe? Share it here in the comments, or link to the post!


  1. I was just wondering what could be a quick and easy dessert. Oatmeal cookies sound perfect for a Friday night! I didn't know that many seasoning blends included sugar. I'll have to check ours. Thanks for the tip.

    Angel Lewis
    Embracing Change

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