10 Less-Stress Holiday Tips To Get You Through Christmas

December 10, 2021

It's the Christmas season, and it's also the time when there are lists of things that need to be accomplished. But don't let it take the joy out of the season! Here are 10 things you can do right now that will keep things less stress! 

Sending Christmas Cards

If you are sending out cards this holiday, make it less stress: gather all your cards (and a couple extra envelopes if you have them), address labels, postage stamps, a favorite pen, and your list of addressees. Put it all in a basket and leave it on the coffee table. When you sit down to watch TV, write a few cards at a time. Keep in mind that to guarantee your cards will reach the recipients by the 25th, mail them by December 15th. 

Buying Stocking Stuffers

Even though my sons are 19 and 24, I still love to surprise them with a full stocking on Christmas morning. If are in charge of the stocking stuffing this year, make it less stress by making a habit of picking up a few things each time you are out shopping or doing errands. Fun ideas are everywhere! 

eed some stocking stuffer ideas? Check out my list of 85 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Boys (and for college-aged too).

Planning Outings

When there are so many events and activities you want to do during the holidays, it can be overwhelming! But don't plan everything yourself. Make it less stress by sitting down with your family and choosing the top three things they would like to do. You may be surprised by their ideas! Getting the family involved with a plan creates buy-in (especially with the older kids), excitement, and anticipation.

Tracking Holiday Spending 

There are less stress ways to keep track of your spending during the season:

(1) On a tight budget? Try the envelope system. Use an envelope for each person that you want to buy for. In that envelope, put the cash you have budgeted for that person. Take the envelope(s) with you while shopping, and commit to spending whatever is in the envelope only.

(2) Another system is a spending register. Grab a small 6 x 9 manila envelope (or similar) and on the outside, write down the categories (gifts, decor, food, etc.) where you want to track your spending. Add the amount budgeted for each category. As you purchase, add each receipt to the envelope, and subtract the amount from that category to get a new balance. This system also works well to adjust your spending for the next year.

Checking Gift Wrap Supplies

Don't wait until the last minute to buy gift wrap, bags, and tissue when it is picked over. If you need to purchase supplies, check your local dollar store for $1 gift bags and tissue. And don't forget to think about unique ways to wrap gifts, such as plastic containers or cellophane.

Wrapping as You Go

For less stress wrapping, take all your supplies and create a wrapping station in a convenient area of your home. This will be helpful for the other family members too. If you have smaller kids, have them create homemade gift wrap by letting them use their artistic talents on some butcher block paper. Or have them decorate plain paper sacks. What a fun way to wrap gifts for grandparents!

Baking Less

We love to bake treasured family treats, but make it less stress by choosing only one or two recipes, and getting your family to help. (My boys know they need to help if they want treats!)

If you choose a treasured recipe from a loved one, use the time to share memories of that person and what they mean to each of you.

Shopping Local

The economy hasn't been the best for small business owners. For some of your gifts, patronize locally owned businesses in your town, artisans on Etsy, or a friend's at-home business. Besides, they will offer unique gifts you will never find at big box stores!

Spoiling Delivery Employees

It can be a strenuous time for delivery drivers during the holiday season. Make it less stress for them by setting up a treat station with prewrapped snacks and water at your front step on the days when you are expecting any deliveries.

Blessing with Gift Cards

Make a plan to make things less stress by purchasing gift cards right now so they are on hand when you see your dog groomer, landscaper, neighborhood postal service worker, hairstylist, or school workers. They will love the extra appreciation!

What are some of your ideas for making the holidays less stress? Please share them in the comments below!

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