How to Save the Most Money on Your Reading Addiction

July 13, 2022

Yesterday I shared the idea of doing a “no buy” month to save money this summer and create a reset for the wallet and household budget.

I seem to be doing well so far with my “No Buy July.” I have been shopping from my freezers to make more home-cooked meals and reducing canned food from my pantry.

That has translated to supping on soup when everyone is gone for the evening.

With grilled ham and cheese of course. 

Tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese

This no-buy month isn’t just for using up stored food and resetting the freezer and pantry but simply not buying anything unnecessary. For me, that translates to no wandering in Target, driving through Starbucks, and especially, online shopping.

Although I will admit to you that yesterday I did stop at Chick-fil-a because I could get my entire order with my Chick-fil-a One rewards points from the app.

A no-buy month could mean using canned soup and gift cards. Bonus!

If you are a savvy shopper, you recognize July as a semi-annual clearance and heavy sales month. Unfortunately, that also means an email inbox flooded with sales announcements from favorite retailers. Amazon Prime Days, Bath & Body Works semi-annual clearance and Kohls Summer Sales (earning Kohls cash!) are popping up in my email daily, offering limited-time bargains that have been hard for me to pass up.

Delete, delete, delete.

I thought willpower was only needed when staying away from chocolate.

Oh, and buying more books.

Purchasing books has always been a great weakness for me, whether hardback, paperback, digital or audio. As an avid reader, I have had to discover money-saving solutions on the genres and authors I buy the most.

For us book junkies and bookstagrammers, there are ways to keep to your addiction and save money. 

Save Money on Books

Here are some money-saving book-buying solutions to bookmark:

1. Where to Find Thousands of Free & Deep-Discounted Books to Add to Your Home (& Digital) Library

Do you want to read some classic books on audio for free?

2. How to Find Some Free Audiobooks

And if you are particularly partial to the Christian genre:

3. Where to Find FREE (and Deep Discounted) Christian eBooks


Where do you find the best discounted-bargain books?



  1. Great advice. Last time we were here in VA I used coupons, Costco rewards and gift cards. It felt so good. ~Cheryl

  2. Hi Angie, I have not heard of the No Buy July and think it's a great idea, but would be really hard too. But I love all the suggestions for free books. I do use the library often, but also buy certain series books. Best of luck to you and thanks again for all the suggestions.

  3. Angie, I love the whole idea of a break from buying. How charming-- the opposite of the normal communication of buy-buy-buy! Thanks for the ideas and the links! I'm inspired!

  4. Hello Angie, I have not practiced a no-buy July, but I do love the idea, especially your little trick with using points not money! I too am a book addict, that's how your title caught my attention, lol. A few years ago, I found the Hay House unlimited audio app, and it has thousands of popular authors, many spiritual and Christian audiobooks/authors, podcasts, meditations, immersive learning, and radio for about $60/year, so I don' have to spend money on books but one time a year! Although, when I find an audiobook I really like, I will buy the ebook. If I want to share it, I will buy the physical copy. Thank you for your post. Sending love. Jaime

    1. Thanks for the top on Hay House -- will look into that!

  5. Hmmm - why do I feel like this post is directed toward me. LOL! No Buy July and it's Prime Day?! I'm extremely impressed. Thanks for the links for free books. xo-Elisa

  6. I like the idea of a "no-buy" month and will plan one for later this year. Thanks for sharing.


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