Sunday, February 16, 2014

When is Enough Enough?

Today I am sharing the post that I wrote for our Shoreline Church's Sisterhood Ministry Page in response to one of our recent speakers.
“Have you ever said, ‘Enough is enough?’”  

This was the question that Pastor Cheryl started with this past Wednesday at Sisterhood.  Confirmed with nods from around the room, I am sure that we all felt as though we had had “enough” already – just this week!  I loved where Pastor Cheryl went with this statement. She wasn’t talking about if we had enough trouble, disappointments or problems, she was telling us that WE are enough.  WE don’t have to be anything more or less.  Wherever we may be in our lives right now, it’s enough. Even if we are a mess.  In God’s eyes, we are a mess – but a hot, beautifulgorgeous mess.