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May 05, 2020
Updated February 2021

Muse {myooz}
verb - 3rd person present:  be absorbed in thought.
similar: ponder, consider, think over, contemplate, reflect on

Muses of a Mom
 began in 2008 when I discovered blogging and thought it would be an excellent way to improve my writing skills and have a journal of everyday life. At the time, my boys were 11 and 5. (You will often see them mentioned as the "Oldest" and the "Youngest" in my posts.) The blog name seemed appropriate for a writing mom who always had questions to be answered and thoughts to be translated as words on paper.  


Our "everyday life" changed when we began our homeschool journey in 2013. The Oldest, Matt, finished his Junior and Senior year as a homeschooler. Josh, the Youngest, has enjoyed eight full years of homeschooling -- from fifth grade through high school. Both boys did well in public school, but we agreed as a family that more could be accomplished at home. Matt and Josh could explore the subjects they really wanted to learn, rather than the "have to's" in public education.


Matt was relieved when told that he could choose some of his homeschool classes. It was important to him to have the opportunity to study astronomy and the Japanese language, both not offered in public high school. Josh preferred routine and liked the traditional learning style, with books and worksheets. Now he spends his school days learning independently with his curriculum and videos to help him through his courses. 


Myself and "the Youngest," Josh, a 2021 graduate

As I completed research and writing to create resources for our homeschooling and a co-op we attended, I began to share these unit studies on my blog. (Some of these can be found using the "Homeschool Resource" tab on the blog menu.) There seemed to be a need for free and low-cost homeschooling resources, especially for middle and high school. One of the resources I offer for free here on the blog is the High School Astronomy Course Outline. I am currently updating this resource, as many homeschool families have found this helpful for their teens.


The number of families who homeschool has skyrocketed since our family started to homeschool eight years ago! The 2020 pandemic saw a massive influx of families who discovered the benefits of homeschooling, besides health and safety. Because of the growth in the homeschool community, I plan to continue writing about homeschooling, sharing resources, and encouraging homeschool parents, even though the Youngest will graduate this Spring.


As time has passed, I have been writing about topics other than homeschooling. Today, Muses of a Mom is a lifestyle blog with encouragement and strategies for women navigating through life challenges such as caregiving parents, homeschooling teens, or launching young adults, yet have a strong desire to still attain their own personal dreams, goals, and necessary self-care into their lives. 

I am also a member of Hope*Writers, a community of working writers dedicated to helping each other progress while learning to balance the art of writing and the business of publishing. Four times a year, I join fellow bloggers in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, (#blogboost)

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