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May 05, 2020

January 2020 --

Muses of a Mom began in 2008 when I discovered blogging and thought it would be an excellent way to improve my writing skills and have a journal of everyday life. At the time, my boys were 11 and 5. (You will often see them mentioned as the "Oldest" and the "Youngest" in my posts.)

Today, Muses of a Mom is a lifestyle blog dedicated to book and product reviews, healthy living, homeschooling information, and editorials with a Christian viewpoint.  

We began our homeschool journey in 2013, taking my Oldest, Matt, out of public high school after his sophomore year and my Youngest, Josh, after fourth grade. While they did just fine in public school, I knew that we could do more at home and explore the subjects they really wanted to learn, rather than only "get through" school. 

Matt was always our “rebel” child, so he declared that he should have some say in the subjects he was to study if he would be homeschooled. He wanted to study two subjects: astronomy and the Japanese language, both not offered in public high school. Josh preferred routine and liked the traditional learning style, with books and worksheets. Now he spends his school days learning independently with textbooks and videos to help him through his courses. 

Did I do all the right things while homeschooling? No, not at all. I often tried to put a square-sized peg in a round hole and missed many opportunities. But we learned as we went along and did our best to meet both boys' educational needs and interests.  

Matt is now a Senior in college and wants to continue pursuing Japanese, including time living in Japan. Josh has just over a year left in high school and feels a pull toward a film industry job.  

2018 - Josh (the Youngest), Zoey (our German Shepherd Chow mix), and Matt (the Oldest).

I hope you will consider following along with us in our homeschool adventures and allow me to share my many "muses" with you!

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