Tuesday, June 02, 2015

#musesofamom: How Today's Pop Culture Influences Our Kids.

Update (08/2015):  This post has become one of the most frequented in this last month and because of that, more people have read my strong views on today's pop culture. There was backlash from some readers of different views who felt my post was biased and unfair. This may appear to them as being the case, but from my Christian point of view, I feel the points expressed in this post are based on biblical truths.  As a result of other respected critiques, I have edited this post to somewhat soften the tone; however, there is nothing changed overall from the original theme.  

What do you think about today's pop culture?  Is it just entertainment? Does it make any difference on our families?

You may or may not agree, but I do hope you will read my insights today on pop culture.  I believe that we need to see it as a significant force in society today, because it is something that will impact the thinking and beliefs of our kids, no matter what their age.