Homeschooling: The Ultimate List of Free Worksheet Printables

April 14, 2020

When my Youngest was in upper elementary, I had to be very budget-conscious when purchasing homeschool curriculum. Thankfully, I found many websites that offered free worksheets on a large range of subjects that helped tremendously!

This “Ultimate List of Free Worksheet Printables” is a catalog of websites for worksheets to use in your homeschool.

While some of these sites have worksheets for grades K-12, the bulk of worksheets cover Elementary and Middle School levels.  Those sites that use Common Core standards are noted. 

While these websites offer all free or mostly free worksheets, please know that many will ask that you set up an account with them.  

Simply click on the website name to go directly to that website. 

Special Note:

TeacherVision - has a multitude of helpful worksheets. You have to have an account, and many of the worksheets are free.  And right now, TeacherVision is offering FREE ACCESS to their entire website, with no membership fees during this COVID_19 schooling at home period.  Take advantage of this opportunity and preprint some worksheets for homeschool next year!

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A to Z Teacher Stuff - Printables for elementary ages; worksheet makers and lesson plans.

All Kids Network - In addition to reading, writing, math and alphabet worksheets for the younger grades, this site offers seasonal and holiday craft ideas.

EdHelper - Mostly math worksheets, but options for all grades through 12th. - Selection of worksheets in all subjects for grades K-5. (Some worksheets are Common Core aligned.)

Free Printable Online - All sorts of math worksheets through 5th grade; their middle school page has a selection from language arts, math, science.

Great SchoolsWorksheets for PreK - 5th grade. Covers math, reading, science and writing.

Help Teaching – Worksheets for language arts, math, science and social studies, Pre-K – 12. While there is a premium membership, there is a lot of content with a free account. - Printables for all age groups; includes worksheets for different subjects, scripture writing, unit study printables, activities and more.

K12 Reader - Great help for spelling, reading, grammar vocabulary and composition.  Mostly grades K-5; there are some helps for middle school and high school writing. 

Lesson Worksheets - Thousands of worksheets for free download & printing. Worksheets are grouped by grade, subject and concept to help you find your worksheets easily. (Some worksheets are based on US Common Core standards curriculum.)

Math Worksheets 4 Kids - They claim to offer 35,000+ printable worksheets in math, language arts, science and social studies. (Aligned with Common Core but universally applicable to grades k-12.) At the time of this writing, they had many free worksheets, but their membership offers access to the entire website.

Printable Worksheets - All the resources are free and you can print them off as many times as you need.

Scholastic – Not a lot of printables, and they change periodically.  Best suited for elementary ages.

Student Handouts - Worksheets for grades K-8 in all subjects. 

Super Teacher Worksheets - Many worksheets are free, but unlimited access membership is a reasonable rate. Their free worksheet generator is very handy.  (Most of their worksheets are Common Core aligned.) 

The Teachers Corner - Many good customizable worksheets on this page are free.  This website also has good lesson plans for elementary age in many categories. 

Tools for Educators - Custom worksheets, games and other resources such as word-search or crossword maker, writing and spelling worksheets and even an award certificate maker.

Turtle Diary – Despite its interesting name, this is a helpful worksheet site for younger grades in language arts, math and science. 

We Are Teachers - This is the landing page to search printables for all subjects and all grades.

Worksheets-Worksheets - A great selection of language arts and math worksheets. Math worksheets cover K -12.  

Worksheet Fun - A math worksheet site for grades K-5. See the math categories offered on the menu in the left column.  

Finally, these two posts have a list of more resources for worksheets: 

I hope that this list has been helpful to you.  If so, would you consider tweeting or pinning this graphic? I would really appreciate it! Please contact me if you should come across an unworking link or a site that no longer has free worksheets so that I can update this list for others. 


  1. I know lots and lots of brand new to homeschooling parents and veteran homeschooling parents will find this helpful! THANK YOU for helping so many in this important time.

  2. This is very helpful as right now education seems to be part of the collateral damage

    1. I agree. I appreciate you stopping by the blog.


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